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<a href=/cgi-bin/ENCY/books.cgi?sort_field1=title&sort_field2=&first_record_to> The Herb Book</a>  public 
A barefoot Doctors manual  public 
A Modern Herbal  public 
A Text book of Histoloy 1942  public 
Back to Eden  public 
Biology  31 
Chinese Medical Herbs  39 
Dominion Herbal Collage  19 
Dr. Neil McKinney  public 
Eat the Weeds  25 
Encyclopedia and Dictonary Of Medicine, anursing and Allied Health  40 
Essentials Human Anatomy and Pysiology  33 
Essentials of Chinese Accupunctue  public 
Feeling Good With Natural Remedies  24 
First Steps in Wine Making  37 
Ginseng and other Medical Plants  17 
Grays Anatomy 32nd edition  39 
Health Through Gods Pharmacy  30 
Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable  39 
Herbs and Weeds  22 
Herbs for Feminine Ailments  18 
Herbs For Health  39 
Herbs to sooth Your Nerves  18 
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs  41 
Indian Herbology of North America  13 
Kings Dispensary  39 
Kooteny Comfrence  39 
Modern Enyclopedia of Herbs  14 
Natural Healing Arts from Folk Medicine to Modern Times.  39 
Natural Healing with Herbs  23 
Norma Myers Course  20 
Phytotherapeutic world 1986 annual  39 
Plants for beekeeping in Canada and the northern USA  public 
Review of Medical Histology  34 
School of Natural Healing  10 
Shanta McBain Personal experiance  29 
Text Book of Anatomy and Physiology  32 
Textbook of Modern Herbology  42 
The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism 
The Encyclopedia of organic Gardening  41 
The Herb Book  12 
The Herbalist  28 
The Illustrated book of Herbs  36 
The Myth and Truth About Genseng  21 
Therapeutics Materia medica and Toxicology  39 
Trees and Shrubs food, Medicinal and Poisionous plants  39 
Trestise on Theraputics  39 
Zinc and other Micro-nutrients  26 
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