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 Our Web Application's are 100% Microsoft Free, apps written in Perl, Extropia, MySQL and run on Linux servers.

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Result Set
Name of resource Description of resource URL Details
list manager  BMaster 
Cpanel Wise woman  CSCDev 
Extropia_kb  CSCDev     /cgi-bin/Extropia/extropia_kb.cgi 
Workshops        /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
Herbal database  WiseWoman 
brew  CSCDev     /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
cpanel  Brew     Http:// 
graph testing  CSCDev     /cgi-bin/CSC/graph_debug.cgi 
Cpanel  MW 
Cpanel  WiseWoman 
AltPowerDev  AltPower 
HelpDesk  CSC     /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
Cpanel  WB 
Clients  MW     /cgi-bin/CSC/client.cgi 
Demo  WiseWoman 
Cpanel  CSCDev 
Cpanel Grindrod  CSCDev 
Cpanel  GrindrodBC 
Queen log  ECF     /cgi-bin/Apis/queen_log.cgi 
JennaBee  ECF     Http:// 
ldev Home  CSC 
Docmanager  CSCDev     /cgi-bin/Docmanager/doc_manager_debug.cgi 
doc manager debug  CSCDev     /cgi-bin/Docmanager/doc_manager_debug.cgi 
BeeTalk  BMaster 
maillist manager  BMaster 
Customer  AltPower     /cgi-bin/CSC/client.cgi 
Cpanel  Aikikai 
Customer  BeeTalk     /cgi-bin/CSC/client.cgi 
Address  Sustainable     /cgi-bin/CSC/client.cgi 
Yards data  ECF 
HiveManHomeView  BMaster     /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
Yards View  ECF     /cgi-bin/Apis/yards.cgi 
Queen system  ECF     /cgi-bin/Apis/queens.cgi 
Modules  JennaBee     /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
Disease  BMaster     /cgi-bin/ENCY/disease.cgi 
Disease  USBM     /cgi-bin/ENCY/disease.cgi 
Referance  BMaster     /cgi-bin/ENCY/reference_admin.cgi 
extropia  CSC     /cgi-bin/Extropia/extropia.cgi 
ComServ  CSC 
DWS log system  CSC       
RVNode  AltPower     /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
VoltAmp  AltPower     /cgi-bin/AltPower/voltamp.cgi 
CellLogView  AltPower     /cgi-bin/AltPower/voltamp.cgi 
Resources  All     /cgi-bin/index.cgi 
Inventory  ENCY     /cgi-bin/Inventory/inventory.cgi 
Inventory  All     /cgi-bin/Inventory/inventory.cgi 
Teachable Admin  USBM 
Power log degug  AltPower 
Mailchimp  CSC 
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