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 Our Web Application's are 100% Microsoft Free, apps written in Perl, Extropia, MySQL and run on Linux servers.

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Our application haves many features built in with many optional modules to expand functionality to fit your needs.

Some stock features are.
  1. Look and feel controlled by CSS
  2. Full user authentication.
  3. Content to users controlled by username, group and site.
  4. Key site configuration in setup file.
  5. Ability to access multiple data types. Flat file or MySQL, (other SQL available)
  6. Ability to host other sites, or affiliates. This make this application great for Cubs and organizations to offer hosting services to members.
  7. News system to announce changes and important events your visitors should know about
  8. Calendar to allow you to schedule events of importance to your users
  9. Member address book. Users see only their own entries into this database. Admin see all entries. This feature is being expanded into a full user profile system. Great for clubs, Dating sites, customer tracking systems etc.
  10. Forums: Let your users communicate with each other. Messages posted to the forums can be configured to be sent to your user email list.
  11. HelpDesk. This system allows you and your users to get help with the site content or site application depending your support package.
Some Optional features are.
  1. Buy And Sell. Provides your users a for
  2. FAQ. This system lets you provide your users
  3. The CityShop online store. This full featured application lets you add eCommerce to your site.

The first thing to do is to try all the links on the page. There is a lot to look at! There are two main places to look for links. The left of the page and the bottom of the page. Some will require you to LOGON. This is because they need a email address or a username/group to work properly. For now just use the back button to com back to this page. This is how visitors will view your site. Be sure to have a look at the contact page. Check the FAQ or HelpDesk if you have any problems or question.

To View how your guests that have created an account see the site click here. LOGON with guest guest

After you have look around it time to create an account. Click any of the LOGON links. Each page has 2 or more. Top of the Nav links on left, the lower nav links on the bottom of the page or on some pages like this one on the top of the page. Other modules, like the Calendar require Logon to view the data.

The LOGON screen has a register button click it. Fill in the form. Remember not to use spaces in your username or password. Usersnames and passwords are case sensitive.

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APIS Clan Apis The Biology of the Honeybee Chapter 1 Honeybees of the Genus apis An Alberta Beekeeper's Diary Yahoo beekeeping groups Cannaday's Country Honey Eagle Creek Farms Apis Okanagan Aikikai Okanagan Aikikai Venon dojo Victoria Aikikai University of Victoria Aikikai Calgary Aikikai Toronto Aikikai Antigonish Aikikai Hombu Dojo Kokikai Aikido Penn State Vancouver Aikikai Fraser Valley Aikikai Computer System Country Stores Extropia Address book Demo Extropia Calandar Demo Comment Form Demo Expense Tracker Doc Tracker Inventrory Manager Maling List Manager. News Project Tracker qmail-HOWTO v2 Qmail installation services Qmail home site Apis @ Tucows Software archive. CSC development site ENCY Development site. Marts Devel British Columbia Aikdido Federation The Linux Tutorial CityShop Administration Application Canadian Ski Patrol Personal site Encyclopedia of Biological Life Educate-Yourself Encyclopidia of Bilological Life ENCY Extropia FAQ WebBBS Jump form ULTIMATE FLY TYING Flyfishing-nextweek: the Apis Newsletter Dave Cushman's Website Upper Michigan_Beekeepers BC Honey Producers BEE LINKS at Honey Bee School BEE SKEP Wine devel site FOCUS ON APITHERAPY Arthritis homiopatic HISTORY OF BEE VENOM THERAPY The American Apitherapy Society Canadian alternative health info BEE VENOM THERAPY After Shingles Bee therapy Bee therapy BCAF WebSite BCAF Site British Colulbian Aikido Federation British Columbia Aikido Federation test link Bee Maid AikiWeb: The Source for Aikido Information BeeHoo directroy Browsers Shanta Brewing application Shanta Home page Canadian Rockies Photo Gallery Do It Yourself Ski Touring Sled Kifaru Expedition Sled What's a good cross-country ski trailer? Expedition Buggaboo Equipping an Expedition Expedition Sled Kahru skis ymiryurts Back country Mag kimbley winter adventures BACKCOUNTRY TOILET The Backcountry lake tahoe Backcountry Safty A page of Club links Wolf creek Yurt FAQ of links to yurts etc The Marts project. Telemark Skier the mag Galactic History by Thoth,Grid Fractionation vs Substance of We Feeling Honey Bee School & Learning Page Canadian Ski Patrol System Vancouver Zone CSPS Western Zone Recrouting Silver Star Mountain Canadian Avalanche Association - The Avalanche Center Haprer Mountain Wyoming Bee Wrangler

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